Talika Photo-Hydra Night 50ml

Talika Photo-Hydra Night 50ml

Pure, powerful, infinite and vital to life, light becomes a source of deep moisturizing, thanks to Talika.

Much more than a mere moisturizing night cream, Photo-Hydra Night contains an incredible key ingredient that can draw extra energy from light*, allowing it to moisturize beyond the upper layers of the skin, down to the core of its cells.

Its rich but non-greasy formula also incorporates hyaluronic acid, which can capture up to 1,000 times its weight in water, as well as a soothing anti-redness lipopeptide, a vehicle for “happy skin,” nourishing and softening mango butter, and Photo-Beauty Enzyme, which helps to repair the skin’s DNA after it has been altered by UV rays during the day.

After 28 days, the skin is intensely rehydrated (100%), soothed (97%), smoother (94%), and more luminous (92%)**.

It discovers the deep moisturizing effects of light and calls out for more!