Talika Lipocils Expert Collector Edition
Talika Lipocils Expert Collector Edition

Talika Lipocils Expert Collector Edition

Happy birthday Talika ! For 70 years, TALIKA has possessed the secret of natural growth for your eyelashes. This formula, a true gift of nature, has allowed millions of women to beautify their glance. Today we wish to thank nature for its generosity and women for their loyalty
Lipocils Expert is a unique treatment that no longer acts on eyelash growth only, but also on the lashes’ curve and natural pigmentation.
Concentrated in Talika Mythical Botanical Complex, a combination of plants that has been stimulating eyelash growth in women for more than 70 years, Lipocils Expert is rich in anti-aging Peptide Expert, Coleus forskohlii, a natural pigmentation booster, and curling silk proteins.

After days of treatment, lash growth is stimulated: eyelashes are 36% longer (+2.1 mm on average**), their pigmentation is naturally darker (by 50%), and their curl is enhanced***.