Talika Light Quintessence Serum 30ml

Talika Light Quintessence Serum 30ml

Drawing youth from visible light*? Today, you can, thanks to Talika’s Research team!

Light Quintessence is, in fact, the 1st serum** whose anti-aging effects are greatly increased by light.

It contains an extract of Indian blackberries that absorbs visible light and spreads it to the very core of the skin, in the form of two wavelengths with anti-aging properties (590 nm anti-wrinkle and 518 nm anti-spot), similar to the effects of LED-based photorejuvenation devices.

For complete anti-aging action, Light Quintessence Serum also incorporates Photo-Beauty Enzyme, which is capable of repairing the skin’s DNA after it has been altered by UV rays, as well as moisturizing, replenishing hyaluronic acid, a firming anti-wrinkle peptide, brightening vitamin B3, and energizing adenosine.

After 14 days***, collagen levels in the skin increase by 43%, and the pigmentation of dark spots decreases by 44%.
The skin becomes firmer and smoother, with a more even complexion.

Youthfulness regained!