Hollywood Browzer First time use report

Removing unwanted hair during a lockdown with Hollywood Browzer!

I suffer with unwanted facial hair. Not just on my upper lip, but also on the sides of my face. Having dark hair sprouting from these areas creates an embarrassing shadow, which makes me feel more like a man than a woman.

What I find really confusing is that the type of hair changes in different areas of the face; the hair on my cheeks/jawline is fair, soft and fluffy, meaning that my make-up sits on the hair, often making it look worse. The hair above my top lip is quite dark and the coarse hairs I have between my brows and around them, can be quite tough and painful to tweeze. Looking for a hair removal solution to tackle all types of hair is nigh on impossible - I find that most hair removal solutions only tackle a certain texture of hair, so they are not a one-for-all solution.  

We are living through unprecedented times right now, and here in London we are in lockdown, which means no going out and no salon visits! Obviously, there are worse things going on in the world right now, and although beauty isn’t and shouldn’t be a priority, I don’t want my beauty regimes to fall to the wayside. I want to continue looking and feeling good as much as I can, whilst at home. I think it would be dangerous to lose all senses of reality, and as I do spend a lot of time on improving the way that I look, I will continue to do so!

So, back to what I’ve used in the past; I’ve tried using a number of methods to remove my unwanted facial hair, but as I find most methods tend to be messy, painful and expensive, I am always on the lookout for other ways of getting rid of that facial fuzz.  

I recently came across a product called the Hollywood Browzer which claims to be:

“the perfect beauty tool to shape your eyebrows and remove unwanted hair on the face and body with virtually no pain, redness or irritation, while exfoliating the skin at the same time.”

Which got me thinking, could this be the solution to ALL of my hair removal needs? Based, on this message, I immediately purchased a Browzer and just hoped that it would be the answer!

At a very affordable £8.95 for a single Hollywood Browzer, which is said to last for a few months, my immediate reaction was: “wow, that’s good!” If, they really do all they say they do! I placed my order and waited for the Amazon Delivery man, wishing he’d hurry up with my alleged miracle hair removal tool!  

24 hours later I received my package - I ripped open the parcel at spectacular speed, (I was feeling particularly fuzzy that day!), and found a very small, lightweight tool that looked a little bit like a knife! This did surprise me a little, but as I had watched number of videos on how to use the Hollywood Browzer, I was aware of how it removed the hair. This isn’t to say I felt a little nervous about trying it out at first, I questioned “could it be harmful? Could it cut my skin?” I gently pressed my thumb against the edge and quickly realised how gentle the “blade” felt. It wasn’t sharp and it didn’t scratch, which got me thinking: “How does this tool actually remove hair then?”

I followed the videos online and got to work removing the hair on my upper lip area, this is the place I am most conscious of, in regards to my unwelcome facial hair.

I was instructed to pull my skin taught with one hand, and in the other hand brush the Browzer in a downward motion ensuring that your Browzer is positioned at a 45-degree angle for the perfect hair removal. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the hair was removed in just a matter of seconds! And there was no pain whatsoever! I wasn’t left with any redness at all! As I suffer from having very sensitive skin, this is normally the reaction I would have with any other method of hair removal - red and itchy skin. I carried on using the Browzer tool across my cheeks, the sides of my face and then finally to the dreaded brow hair! I was completely astonished at firstly how quickly it took to do my entire face. It took a matter of just minutes to remove all the hair I wanted to get rid of, and I hope to get even quicker at it with more practise! What was interesting to me was the fact that I first of all didn’t really need to prep the skin in any way, clean dry skin is all you need to remove that tedious fuzz.

I also was surprised to find out that all types of hair could be removed with just one tool, the fuzz on my cheeks came off immediately, and when working carefully around my brows, I was able to remove the coarsest, more wiry hairs with such ease.

Using the Browzer was becoming addictive! Where could I try next? Whilst thinking about this, I started to inspect my Browzer after removing my unwanted facial hair, to see how much hair had been removed. Upon this closer inspection, I found that amongst the removed hair, there were also little particles left on my tool. What is this? I thought. I went back to the Hollywood Browzer website and found some information about the Browzer also being a Dermaplaning device. So, the Hollywood Browzer doesn’t just remove hair but actually exfoliated the skin too? I had spent just £8.95 on a tool that serves not just 1 but 2 important roles, and I was now very much hooked. I felt my skin and it felt soft, really soft. The softest it has felt in long time. I immediately looked into what dermaplaning was, I had heard of it, but hadn’t come across any beauty tools that offered this at home. Here’s a little extract from Dr.Tiago that I found on the Hollywood website: 

“Dermaplaning, which is a form of facial exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead skin cells and hair, does not change the structure or the genetic makeup of the hair and thus the follicle itself. So, the hair will grow back exactly the same as it was before - no thicker, no darker, no coarser.”

It was great to find out more about dermaplaning as I had not experienced this method before. Removing those “dead” skin cells made my skin feel silky; it’s almost as though there was a barrier which meant that my make-up was being blocked from actually sitting on my skin. My foundation glides onto my skin now, and I’m also finding that my serums seem to sink in better!

This was also a really reassuring message to read, as I had immediately started to think how long would the hair stay at bay, would it come back the same? Or had I just ‘shaved’ my face?! Oh no! Have I done something to myself which would then turn out to be a nightmare? Would the hair grow back coarser and darker?

Well It’s now been 1 week since I used my Hollywood Browzer for the first time, my unwanted hair hasn’t grown back yet and normally I would have had some regrowth with other methods.

I will report back to you next week on the way the hair regrows, but in summary, using the Hollywood Browzer has been amazing in terms of saving money, removing hair efficiently and quickly, not to mention the added bonus of exfoliating the skin too!

And the million-dollar question is…would I go back to a salon to remove my hair? Even when we are out of lockdown, I am not so sure that I would now! I think I’m in love with my Hollywood Browzer! Purchase and try yours out today, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!  

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