Geneo First Usage

I have always had problematic skin. Redness, an oily T-zone, sensitivity and acne-like blemishes are just some of the issues that I have faced, and continue to experience on an ongoing basis, especially when I feel particularly stressed out.

Did you know that clinical studies indicate that between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population aged between 20 and 40 suffer with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin? I didn’t either! But I do take comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one out experiencing such problematic skin, so we are very much in this together!

I’ve used a number of serums, moisturisers, beauty tools and masks, (the list goes on!) to try and combat my skin concerns. Some have worked, but I often find that these home-use remedies are just not proficient enough to target such acute issues.  

I have also turned to professional aestheticians to try and understand exactly how to best manage my skin flare-ups. I have had a number of very costly facials to help improve the condition of my skin and my overall appearance. Although I have found them to be beneficial, unfortunately, due to the hefty price tags of these sessions, I am only able to have these done periodically.

I had been doing a lot research on what professional home-use technologies exist that can help me in my fight against my bad skin. I came across a device called The Geneo Personal, which is home use beauty device. Produced by an Israeli company called Pollogen, (I know Israel to be a very advanced nation when it comes to the development of high-tech beauty solutions) the device uses a very special way of rejuvenating the skin. The Geneo Personal works by oxygenating the skin from within. What does this mean exactly? I asked the same question and found that oxygenating the skin is supposed to: 

“Provide a deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliation of the upper skin layer, oxygenation of the skin from within and absorption of the skin for nourishment of active ingredients. The result: Skin renewal, improvement of skin tone and texture, glowy look, hydration and dull skin improvement.”

This sounded like a dream home-use device solution, and at under £200, if the Geneo Personal does everything it’s supposed to, it would be totally worth it. I have spent in excess of £200 for a single facial treatment in the past! So, based on being able to keep the device and use it an infinite number of times, I didn’t hesitate in purchasing the device.

After receiving my Geneo device, I immediately charged it, excited by the thought of conducting my own facials at home. I love the look and feel of the Geneo unit itself, it’s a nice weight and really easy to hold, this is down to the egg shape. So, my first thought was that I think it would be suitable for anyone to use, especially for those that might have struggled with heavier home use devices in the past, when they were not so portable.

I soon got to work tackling my skin, by starting with the silicone head to cleanse my face. It was reassuring to see that Geneo have used silicone, as it’s the most hygienic material, over a brush for example, meaning that bacteria won’t cling to its surface after use. This is really important if you suffer from break outs as often the bacteria can inflame broken skin, causing further stress to the skin and the healing process is exasperated. 

I used my everyday cleansing solution with my Geneo and It took around 3 minutes to fully cleanse my skin; I used circular motions to ensure that every inch of my face was squeaky clean. The vibrating sonic technology meant that my skin felt super renewed immediately afterwards; it felt as though I had had an exfoliation treatment already, and I hadn’t even started on the oxygenation step of the process! The second step was to remove the silicone head and to replace this with an oxygenation capsule (these are in the pink sachets). I applied the treatment gel (this comes in the green sachet) all over my skin, spreading a thin and consistent layer across the whole of my face. In total you get 4 capsules and 4 gel sachets, meaning that you should be able to give yourself 4 oxygenation treatments. The refill pack works out to be just under £30 so this works out to be just £7.50 per treatment, which I think is exception value based on the fact that you are getting a professional facial. I found that the capsule didn’t fully dissolve away after my first treatment, so I was able to save that for my next!

Anyway, back to the oxygenation effect itself. What you then need to do is turn the Geneo on and again use circular motions to activate the ingredients within the capsule. It’s the reaction between the gel and the capsule that actually creates the bubbles, and this is really satisfying to see happen! It felt quite tingly at first, (in a nice way) which is a good sign to me, as that made me think that something was really happening here. I managed to complete my entire face in under 6 minutes, which was perfect a I don’t have much patience! I found that adding drops of water to the capsule meant that the capsule was more reactive, the bubbles that formed were bigger and bubblier! I noticed that my skin started to look a little red, which initially concerned me, as aforementioned, I do have very sensitive skin. I then realised that the redness wasn’t a bright, alarming red, is was more of a dewy red shade, which made me think that actually this wasn’t any kind of sensitivity but actually the glow from within that the Geneo makers describe: 

“Geneo works by creating a layer of Co2 bubbles on your face. This causes the body to release oxygen to the skin cells, increasing blood flow to the tiny vessels and encouraging the skin rejuvenation process, leaving skin glowing and radiant.”

It was amazing to think that my body was reacting to the Geneo in this way, and that I could see first-hand how a professional treatment feels and looks, as you run through the steps - the whole process felt satisfyingly therapeutic. I had felt like I had done something really good for my skin! After the exfoliation process I rinsed and dried my skin. As I wiped away the excess water on my face, I was stunned to feel HOW soft and silky my face felt. “Wow, I don’t think my skin has ever felt like this before” I remember thinking. I couldn’t stop touching my face, any roughness had been eliminated, and after the initial red glow had subsided, my skin remained fresh and dewy. It honestly felt as though I had been to my local beautician and had a very expensive facial.

I completed my treatment using the Geneo anti-ageing cream. It’s a lovely light cream, that gently glides onto the skin and sinks in really quickly. I actually noticed how quickly it absorbed, maybe that’s because I had just professionally exfoliated my skin?

As the Geneo Personal home-use device is a scaled down version of one of Pollogen’s substantial salon devices, it’s a verified treatment that is clinically proven to rejuvenate facial skin and is suitable for all skin types.

I could immediately see why there were so many good reviews about this new technology, and I was looking forward to my next session already!

As you can use the cleansing mode (silicone head) daily and then the treatments are once a week, Geneo really becomes your ultimate skincare tool.

I recommend the Geneo to everyone that has some time in the week to spend on themselves. Give it a go and see the wonderful results for yourself! 

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