Talika Time Control +
Talika Time Control +

Talika Time Control +

With its expertise in eye care since 1948 and initiator of Light Therapy® for 15 years, Talika is now going further and, in partnership with a Swiss laboratory, has added detoxifying and decongesting cutaneous micro-currents to Time Control. TIME CONTROL + is the first cosmetic device for the eyes to combine the cosmetic power of light with electrostimulation functions.
Ahead of its time, this patented device has no equivalent today and will stimulate the electro-beauty market.
+ in innovation: for the first time, a cosmetic device combines imperceptible micro-currents with the three complementary wavelengths in Light Therapy®.
+ in features: the anti-aging programme of Time Control (anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-inflammatory) is coupled with a «detox» programme (concealer, anti-puffiness, lightening).
+ in results: the look is visibly transformed in just 1 minute.
+ in precision: its triangular head makes it possible to reach the internal hollow of the shadows under the eyes.
+ luxury, + security: its electrode is hypoallergenic gold plated.
even + in confidence: its Swiss electrostimulation technology is simple, safe and effective, and suitable for home use.
TIME CONTROL + will thrill women who dream of an instantly refreshed look, free of dark circles and bags, and to become visibly rejuvenated.