Talika Eye Detox Specific Olive to Dark Skin 15ml

Talika Eye Detox Specific Olive to Dark Skin 15ml

Much more precise than a classic dark circle treatment, Eye Detox Specific Olive to Dark Skin is the 1st colorless treatment* specifically targeting the “hereditary” brown circles that appear around the eyes on olive to dark skin during childhood or adolescence and that are very difficult to reduce.

Its formula contains the best key ingredients for the visible and lasting decongestion of the delicate area around the eyes. Thanks to a powerful cocktail of key plant-based ingredients, it is equally formidable at fighting both occasional and well-established dark circles and puffiness.

Because it is rich in vitamin B3, it also regulates the synthesis of melanin, which is responsible for the darkening of these “hereditary” circles.

This innovation was applauded by women with olive to dark complexions who tested Eye Detox Specific: a full 100%** confirmed its dark circle-reducing effects, and 81%***, its effectiveness at combating puffiness!