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HOLLYWOOD BROWZER Deluxe Microfiber Puff-hollywoodbrowzer
HOLLYWOOD BROWZER Deluxe Microfiber Puff-hollywoodbrowzer

HOLLYWOOD BROWZER® Deluxe Microfiber Puff


The HOLLYWOOD BROWZER Deluxe Microfibre Puff is extremely useful when using your Browzer to Dermaplane. 

Use your Microfibre Puff to remove the debris from the edge of the Browzer by wiping both sides of the edge on the puff. You will see your hair, dead skin cells and built up debris transfer onto the puff.

Material: Made of premium cotton velour. 

Color: Black. 

Size: 10cm diameter. 

Care Instructions: Wash with a mild cleanser (baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap). Rinse well and air dry.