Eye Decompress - Solo

Eye Decompress - Solo

A revolution in eye care!

With comprehensive eye care in mind, Talika came up with Eye Decompress. More than a mere beauty product, it is a real program for deep relaxation, both inside and out.

Inspired by Asian relaxation rituals, it combines:
  • A compressed mask to soothe and reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
  • A 10-minute relaxation podcast, created by Iyengar yoga master Arnaud Caby to relax and refocus the mind.

Compact and easy to use, Eye Decompress slips into your pocket or purse and can be used anywhere, anytime, as soon as the need arises.

After 10 minutes** letting the mask set and listening to the relaxation session, the area around the eyes is relaxed (97%), less tired (94%), decongested (93%), and smoother (91%). The mind is calmer: 96% of users report feeling relaxed!

A true feeling of well-being, in a break from stress, time and pollution.